A prism is a complex optical component with at least two plano surfaces separated by a wedge angle. Prisms are used to reflect or refract a beam of light. Our manufacturing capabilities include right angle, dove, penta, pechan, and wedge prisms as well as cubes, windows, precision flats, beam splitters, and mirrors. These components are found in dual channel instruments, anamorphic systems, imaging systems, and similar applications.

Antares Optics prisms and all of it’s component products are among the best in the world.

We’re certain we can work together, to accomplish your expanding optical needs.

Antares Optics supplies optical components for an ever-increasing number of applications in a wide variety of industries, including

  • Aerospace Astronomical Electro-optics
  • Industrial Medical Instrumentation
  • Military National Laboratories Oceanographic
  • Photographic Photolithography Research & Development
  • Telecommunications

Light Pipes

In light pipes/Integrators, rays enter and reflect from the walls in an indeterminate number of times until they emerge. The end surfaces may have any form (spherical, aspherical, Fresnel, etc.) and may also be arbitrarily tilted.

Rectangular light pipes can also be sheared. Violation of total internal reflection (TIR) in solid pipes is taken into account

Custom integrator lenses are available by special order. Please contact Antares Optics at for more information and pricing.